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3 Effective Ways to Address the Spam Comment

3 Effective Ways to Address the Spam Comment


3 Effective Ways to Address the Spam Comment

Spam is unsolicited and irrelevant messages sent in large numbers with a specific purpose. Legally, the act has been violated rules and some individuals have received punishments such as imprisonment or fine. First, we meet a lot of spam via email but now spam is not only on email alone but is also found in the comments on other websites which is very disturbing not only to the owners but also the visitors of those sites. In General, there are no users who are happy to receive spam.

Lately lots of spam comments went into the famous blog. Some are sent by using software that tries to leave the other website links in the comments and a few other posted by manual. Actually, there is no point sending spam comments like that, in addition to interfering with the blog owner, promotions in a way would not be effective.

For spam comments that use software, they can be overcome by using the Akismet plugin. So, every spam comment going into the spam folder and you will be easier to delete it at once. This plugin is highly recommended for bloggers who use WordPress platform for their blogs. However, in addition to spam from software, many are also spam comments sent by manual. Comments like these are more difficult to remove because it is not able to use the plugin.

Some spam comments contain links of affiliate promotions. Actually it does not matter the promotion of affiliate links, but it should be on the pages to put the website address, and of course the commenting is by the way of necessity. Some comments from the bloggers only contain words that are very short.

Comment they have absolutely is nothing to do with the topic of the article in a blog so inevitably the site owner must remove them one by one. Perhaps the thing that makes us wonders if they could come up against tirelessly to launch spam comments manually. The level of trust toward the product and site links written in such spam comments will eventually decline. In fact the product has no fault, but because of the many product names that appear in the various spam comments, visitors trust becomes negative.

Many spammers do not realize that he is going to lose his reputation as a blogger at once lowers the reputation of products even though he is only acting as a promoter. It is rarely talked about in the world of internet marketing, though there have been many cases which prove it but still do not get special attention. Here are 3 main negative effects of spam comments for a blog:

  • Damaging the reputation,
  • Lower ranking of SEO,
  • Trigger discomfort in the blog world.

Damaging the reputation

If on your blog, you find lots of spam comments, it simply indicates that the same visitors never appreciate your work. Most spammers never read articles, usually only read the title of the posting or even do not read at all since they only concentrated into the comments field. Thus it would be detrimental to the reputation of the author of the blog. In addition to your own worthlessness, site you have also affected. The site will be more impressed not useful because the comments had not been connected to the content themes at all.

Lower ranking of SEO

This relates to the content of the comment which is completely irrelevant to the content of the article. These comments are not intended to discuss or respond to content, but merely for promotion and other bad goals. Irrelevant comment makes the consistency and relevance of the content in a page down. More and more spam comment will decline relevance. The effect will degrade the blog ranking.

Although the site containing the spam links is innocent, but visibility and its rank can be dropped dramatically because of such links. So if your website is receiving this kind of links, and the numbers are increasing, then the rating or ranking of your site will be threatened. Hundreds of links are dangerous because it shows a unusual web page. Provide a reference to the hundreds of irrelevant external links is not a good thing and reasonable.

Trigger discomfort in the blog world

The bloggers should have been able to discuss, share experience and socialize in a comfortable yet due to comment spam, then this cannot happen again. Many loyal visitors who eventually did not want to come to a blog because they notice any spam comments that cover the comments that they provide. It is becoming a severe as the blog owner does not clean spam comments quickly.

How to address the spam comment?

All bloggers certainly expect comments from readers of the articles, but they do not want their blog distracted by the presence of spam. Then, how to address the spam comment? The blog owner will need to have the tools to prevent the spammers, or at least minimize it. Below are some options that we can do to help address the problem of spam comments:

  • Place a captcha on blog comment,
  • Using different system of comment,
  • Add check box to enable the comment submission button.

Place a captcha on blog comment

Some bloggers put a captcha on comment section on their blog, so anyone who wants to comment should be stamped on the typing captcha that appears. But this is precisely the way to make people want to leave a comment to be uncomfortable, and some visitors usually do not like giving comment on the blog that applying this way. You can apply this way but the risk is you need to be ready for losing visitors who hate captcha.

Using different system of comment

Disqus comment system is very often used today. On this comment system, bloggers cannot leave their site address because Disqus does not provide columns to fill in the website address. Of course bloggers want to leave traces of their blog on another blog to get traffic from this blog. Visit each blog is one way that is often performed by bloggers to interact with one another. So, if there are no columns to leave a website address, surely other bloggers will be reluctant to leave a comment on the blog.

Add check box to enable the comment submission button

One of the easiest ways to banish spammers who leave a comment with the manual way is to enable the comment submission button. To add a check box can be done by manual i.e. add specific code on the file comments.php. You can use the plugin Anti Spambot Growmap Plugin (GASP). These Plugins are free and can be found by using the search field on WordPress by typing the keywords “Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin”. It could be by way of download GASP and upload through cpanel. This spam comment problem will not be solved simply by one hundred percent if you just rely on Akismet plugin and GASP. We still have to do a manual moderation. You can do manual comment moderation on the new comment every day. Before approve the comments, you can read them carefully. For some people who have submitting a comment before, you can set up auto approve without moderation again.

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