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8 Easy Ways to Enhance Page View


8 Easy Ways to Enhance Page View

8 Easy Ways to Enhance Page View

Page view is the number of pages or post that opened or read by the visitors of our blog. High page view means some visitors were happy to open our blog. Page view statistics can be viewed in the ‘Stats’ in the dashboard of the blog, also on the Google Analytic. If the page views are a bit, we should be motivated to increase it. If the page views are abundant, it should also be encouragement to continue to raise it with the qualified post and SEO optimization. Page view will make the advertiser to rent our space. To be able to attract advertisers, at least one page must have a 2000 page views. The higher the page view, the better to boost the page rank on Google search.

High page view high indicates that the visitors are attracted to the post that we make. The post that has many page views usually contains the most searched or being talked about theme by many people. If you want to make a post that was able to grab visitors’ attention, attractive themes which become becoming trending can be an option. Here is how to increase the page view a blog:

  • Make an interesting title
  • Put up a post related
  • Link your post to the other
  • Show ‘Recommended Contents’
  • Show ‘Recent Post’ and the ‘Popular Posts’
  • Install search box
  • Make a table of contents (Sitemap)
  • Reply on any comments

Make an interesting title

The main attraction is the title of a post, although many posts actually used the title with unrelated content. It is so hated by the visitors. Sometimes we just prioritize keyword yet we are not being able to create content that corresponds to the keyword. As a result we are forced to enter a keyword in the post which is not related. Visitors discovering that their expectations are not met will certainly feel disappointed.

In making an interesting title, we can use unique words that are rarely used in another post. Do not forget to embed the keyword in the title because its presence would enhance the opportunity to appear on the first page of SERP. In addition, make a post that corresponds to the title that you write and do not outwit visitors. If you try to trick, it will impact badly on the bounce rate which is increasing.

Put up a post related

View a list of related posts at the bottom of the post. A minimum of 5 posts, a maximum of 10, do not too excessive. A lot of bloggers give you tips how to create Related Posts, but their blog link is hard to detect. This is because the way of linking which are installed must go to another page and not to the pages that are currently open. Related Posts’ function is to offer another post to the visitor so expect visitors to find posts with related topics, and will certainly take longer to open our blog.

Link your post to the other

Make internal links, which are links to other posts relating to the topics covered. When you finish writing an article, think again whether these articles support the explanations that are on other articles? If yes, insert internal links written with the right anchor text. The correct internal links as well as SEO and User friendly is a natural link, not contrived, in accordance with the sense of actual internal link. Avoid using ‘click here’ as anchor text for internal links because it is not able to describe about a page it represents. We recommend that you use the clearer word which contains a keyword although it forces you for making a sentence that could be occupied by those words.

Show ‘Recommended Contents’

If necessary, show two to three post title that you recommend. It usually appears at the bottom left of users’ screen monitor. It is somewhat different from the anchor text that must exist in the article, recommended contents link appears outside articles so you do not have to think about how to make proper sentences in order to the sentences that you create are not awkward. Sometimes the bloggers are having difficulties with this matter.

Show ‘Recent Post’ and the ‘Popular Posts’

Recent post is post just read by other visitors while the popular post shows most frequently read article. Both of these widgets are usually provided by each web hosting. The rule is similar to the recommended post that is only three to five titles only per page. The visitors usually do not squander this especially popular post link because they want to know what is mostly read by other visitors.

Install search box

The search box is a simple feature that is often overlooked by the blog owners. For some reason they are less interested in using this feature but it can help the visitor to find the article which are looked for. It is impossible for visitors to browse your blog one by one so that the existence of a search box would be very helpful.

Make a table of contents (Sitemap)

A Sitemap is a list of the content that exists on a blog. This page only displays all links that point to a variety of articles that still are in a same domain. Its function is similar to the search box that is to help visitors to perform a search. Sometimes visitors are not sure what information they want to find and just want to see the entire contents of the blog. If you provide the sitemap, then it might interest visitors to open multiple titles.

Reply on any comments

Respond to all incoming comments. The visitors like friendly blog owner. They will probably find that the comments they provided has gotten a response through notification so they will go to your blog to counter the response or just look at the comments of other visitors. Intimate relationship with the viewer is indispensable so that we can easily maintain the loyal readers.

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