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Blogger VS WordPress, Which Is the Best?

Blogger VS WordPress, Which Is the Best?

Blogger VS WordPress, Which Is the Best?

Blogging is now one of the mandatory activities carried out every day for some people, especially for those who frequently interact with the internet. The motivation of people to write on the blog also varied, some of them only wanted to make a blog as a personal diary to share life experiences, as a medium for sharing ideas with everyone up or as a medium to find the extra money, even as his main livelihood.

If we talk about the blog, we will definitely choose what blog platform that will be used. Today, there are some blog platforms that you can use for free, but among the various platforms that exist, two of the most popular Google’s Blogspot or commonly called by Blogger and WordPress. Both these blog platforms are now ranked as the top favorite blog platforms which are the most widely used. In addition to a wide range of conveniences as well as many free blog templates are available.

Usually the first blog platform options that are in use by a blogger will be his favorite platform for a long time, unless the person is finding sufficient constraints some day. At first the author uses Blogspot to learn blogging but the author’s needs cannot be accommodated by one blog platform only, actually what is the strength of Blogspot and Wordpres and who is the best? For this we will discuss the comparison of Blogger versus WordPress with the following criteria:

  • Dashboard
  • Theme customization
  • Image storage
  • Ad
  • Plug in
  • Widget variation
  • SEO Friendly


Currently Blogspot display has a new dashboard, the author felt this new dashboard is easier to use and more responsive because it has been using the AJAX technology, but to be able to enjoy this new dashboard, the java script on the browser should be in a state of active. On the other hand, the dashboard display in use by WordPress has not experienced many changes because it does not allow a user to adjust to the new dashboard. If you do not like the dashboard changed a lot so it is easier to adapt, then WordPress is a platform that is right for you.

Theme customization

To enhance the look of blogs many Bloggers replace the theme with their own design or from templates available on the internet. For those of you who have more capabilities in programming, website templates for Blogger can be changed in such a way up to the roots. The look of the blog on WordPress should only be changed if you are using WordPress self hosting that you host on your own server, if you are only using the free service from WordPress you will only get some standard templates that you can use.

Image storage

Image storage provided by Blogspot in one account is 1 GB. Bloggers also have no specialized dashboard to view any files that you have uploaded before, so you might be a bit difficult to find a picture or your old photos. Hence, if you connect Blogger with your Google+ account, then all images which are under the size of 2048 x 2048 pixels and video with duration under 15 minutes will not cut the free storage space that you have. For WordPress, image storage space is up to 3 GB, and the dashboard has also been providing appearance to search your old pictures you have uploaded.


For advertising, Blogger is easier to use because it is a subsidiary of Google so you can easily place an ad from Adsense on your blog, where you will be paid for every person who clicks on ads which appear on your blog. You can make it as one of the ways to earn money. On the other hand, the policy of WordPress to prohibit advertising in each account may be somewhat complicate you. To be able to put an ad on your own blog, you can use WordPress self hosting.

Plug in

For the matter of the number of plug ins which are available, WordPress is still superior to the Blogger. The SEO plug ins on WordPress makes SEO very practical. In contrast, the Blogspot owner should edit HTML if he wants to do the SEO settings. This might be very troublesome especially for beginners who do not know how to edit HTML code. Hence, if you want to learn about coding, you can try Blogger.

Widget variation

Nowadays more and more developers create widgets for Blogger. Hence for the comparison, the number of widgets which are compatible for Blogger is greater than widgets for WordPress. However any blog platform you will use, do not apply too many unnecessary widgets because it will make your blog loading becomes longer. This is very ineffective because it will hinder robot explorers and make the visitor get bored waiting.

SEO friendly

In terms of practicality, it can be inferred that WordPress is superior because it has a plug in for SEO needs. Admittedly this plug in greatly facilitates the process of optimization on page. Blogspot users should do HTML editing, and this really can be confusing for beginners. In terms of ranking, no one is stronger because all are judged according to the same criteria by Google and it depends on the webmaster that can hold the best settings that meet the quality standard of Google.

Those are some explanation of the comparison between Blogger and WordPress that you should know before creating a blog. If we see the advantages and disadvantages of each blog platform, maybe we cannot say who is the best, but it is more appropriate if we choose in accordance with the purposes. If you want a blog whose template can be replaced easily and seek additional income through advertising you can use Blogspot. For you who want the ease of use you may wish to create WordPress blog. For further please do not hesitate to try and practice directly, because by practicing you yourself will feel the advantages and disadvantages of both the above blog platform.

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