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Dofollow versus Nofollow Blog - You blogger should know this

Dofollow versus Nofollow Blog


Dofollow versus Nofollow Blog

In the SEO world, we recognize two types of blogs which are dofollow and nofollow blogs. Both have opposite meaning, advantages and disadvantages. Visitors who comment to nofollow blog usually appreciate qualified article which is useful for them. Unlike the nofollow blogs, people who visit the dofollow blog usually only want backlinks from comments that they provide. Dofollow blogs could be a great blog and pretty much known by many people.

Dofollow blogs are blogs that when we commented on the blog using the Name / URL, then the link will be tracked by search engine. The strengths of this kind of blog are:

  • The surge in traffic is outstanding
  • Got a lot of comments
  • Dofollow blogs is more popular than nofollow
  • More articles that follow and subscribe dofollow blog
  • Although rarely updated, the number of visitors remains stable

On the other hand, dofollow blogs so favored by spammers because they are free to include a link in the comments field and will also be scanned by search engine. Some short comings that are owned by dofollow blog are:

  • Many spam Comments
  • Page rank is decreased since the inbound and outbound links are not balanced
  • Hard to get a Google page rank because it is less preferred by search engines
  • If there are visitors whose comments are not appropriate to the theme of the article or category then your blog can be considered junk blogs.

Because too many outbound links in blog comments, it will be difficult to search engines in indexing your blog. Blogs which are not indexed properly will make all executed SEO strategies becomes useless. The blog will not appear onthe SERP and impossible to get additional visitors from search engines. Many bloggers claim that if the nofollow blog turned into a dofollow blog, then the position will be degraded. Thebloggersare advised not tochange the type ofblog. Determine your blog settings from the beginning so it does not affect the ranking of the blog.

NoFollow blog is a blog that if we put a link or a comment on the blog, the link will not be tracked by search engines. So we will not get a backlink from the blog. The advantages of nofollow blog are:

  • It is desired by Google in terms of SEO
  • Spam comments are not too many
  • Page Rank blog tends to be pure and stable
  • More likely and safe from Google Panda because blog traffic more stable and secure
  • The link is more balance
  • Safe from the spammer who carelessly finding backlinks

Nofollow blog is favoured by people who need useful information. They will be greatly assisted by the nofollow blogs which are usually present good quality articles. If you want to build a nofollow blog, the following are its weaknesses:

  • The number of comments on our blog depends on the quality of blogs
  • Our blog visitors are not as busy as dofollow blogs.
  • Our blog will not be as famous as dofollow blogs.

From the explanation about the advantages and disadvantages between dofollow and nofollow blog, then we can infer that blogs which are changing from nofollow into dofollow will get more attention from the blog visitor and the traffic will be higher. Nofollow blog is more concerned with SEO strategies. If you choose to develop a nofollow blog, then you need to improve the quality of existing content on the blog, but if you prefer a dofollow blog, secure it from the attack of spammers.Thus consider wisely before changing the type of blog.

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