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Effective Strategy to Win SEO Contest


Effective Strategy to Win SEO Contest

Effective Strategy to Win SEO Contest

Bloggers who have long managed a web must be familiar with the existence of the SEO contest. How about the new blogger which is just starting out in the world of SEO? They may be wondering about this contest and whether they need to follow this contest or not. SEO contest is a competition organized by individuals, organizations, and certain companies with a tempting prize. The main purpose of this pageant is to popularize a particular keyword.

We can take one example of keyword “affordable web hosting”. The contestants who are interested to participate in this contest are required to make an article containing the keyword and redirect the article on the website of the contest organizers. In the end, the organizers will get a lot of backlinks that will increase the visibility of their blogs. There is a debate whether we should join this contest or not. Some argue that this contest is dangerous, but there is also considered as a new source of income.

Google has released a statement relating to the SEO contest booming today. This contest could be a dangerous thing if done with the wrong technique or violate the terms of service of the search engine. Sometimes there is a contest that gives keywords that are not allowed by Google such as pornography or gambling. We should avoid the contest. The technique you use should also be considered. Perform this competition with manual techniques and automated tools that do not use will be regarded as spam.

SEO Contest is safe to join if it follows the rules of search engines. All forms of cheating will be followed up by Google. For those of you who want to compete in the SEO contest but the position of your website is not too strong, you have to try harder than the blogs that have high rank. Here are somethings you need to consider in an SEO contest:

  • Scale of contest
  • Understand the rules of the contest
  • Pay attention to your competitors
  • Time management
  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • Consistency

# Scale of contest

SEO contest organized is divided into 3 scales. They are big, medium, and small. This scale is made based on the amount of gifts that will be earned by each winner. The bigger the prizes which are offered, the more bloggers are interested to register. Conversely, the smaller the prize, the few bloggers want to participate. Small contest usually dominated by novice bloggers aspire to win the competition and the prize or those who would like to test their ability to manage a website. If you are a beginner, it is preferable for small scale contest with a low level of competition. Large scale competition is definitely going to be difficult won by new bloggers. Site with higher position will easily shift the little blog that has a lower authority.

# Understand the rules of the contest

Each contest organizers have different rules associated with their contest. So far there are two types of SEO contest which is a contest of pure judgment submitted to search engines. Therefore the winner of the contest is anyone who is able to put the content with keywords that have been determined on the first position in the SERP. The second type is called a semi SEO contest because the judgment comes from two sources search engines and the contest organizers. For the latter type, you must pay attention to the criteria used in assessing content.

# Pay attention to your competitors

Remember that you are not the only contestant in the SEO contest. If the contest gives big prize then it will have many participants. To win the competition, the best way you have to do is by observing your competitors with some little researches. One way is to find out how many backlinks it has. You can use some of the sites that provide services to figure out the number of links on a blog. You should have backlinks which are more than your competitors so the chance of winning this contest is bigger.

# Time management

Contest organizers will provide a period of time before determining the winner of the SEO contest. So you have a longer preparation time, follow this contest as early as possible. By doing this strategy, you will be able to plan how to get a good position on SERP since there will be a lot of contestants in this contest. Length of time will also give you the opportunity to observe the tactics used by the competitors. If you have a blog with high authority, then you simply participate in this contest one month before the closing date since it will be won more easily. If necessary, set the schedule and the allocation of time to maximize your website’s content.

# On page optimization

On page SEO techniques that should be considered is the article that you wrote. Make an article that has the uniqueness, originality, and fresh. To create more unique posts, you can search for different topics. Originality is one of the keys for qualified article for plagiarism is so hated by the search engines. Fresh article means that it is new and has never been published in any blog. Do not forget to embed the contest link on each article.

# Off page optimization

Off page SEO focuses on how many qualified backlinks that you get. The trick is by doing blogwalking to multiple sites. Prioritize sites that have a low Alexa rank and many visitors so that links that you put are easier to see. Place a link in accordance with the provisions of the blog owner so you are not accused of being a spammer.

# Consistency

Many contestants give up in half way because they do not see the web position going upon the SERP. The increase of your position might not be too good, but by the consistency to improve your SEO techniques, this competition will be loose. Be discipline in doing any technique that has been planned so that the results are not disappointing.

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