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How to Avoid Spam Message

How to Avoid Spam Message


How to Avoid Spam Message

Blogwalking is an activity that is often done by the bloggers to make friends and expand at the same backlinks. On the other hand it is also potentially dangerous activity as the main cause of the occurrence of various comments that are spam. Spam comment means unsolicited comments, not related, and is not intended to respond the article or blog post. The goal is simply to leave the trail, to promote a product without proper manner or, to leave a spam link. Spam can be delivered through many media such as Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, application, etc. The ultimate goal is to reach customers and even to harm others since it contains malware, scam, or phishing.

Spam comment will not only disrupt the blog owner but also the other visitors. When they discover another post to seek additional information and see many spam comments, they may be so disgusted and do not want to contribute comments. So we can say that this comment is very detrimental to all parties. If we notice it, we will find 3 negative effects caused by spam comments which are as follows:

  • Damage the reputation
  • Decreasethe rank
  • Destroy the blog

If there are visitors who see your blog then recognize the spam in the comments. He will think twice to leave a comment. The visitor’s trust to your blog will decrease because of your blog management is very poor. The most dangerous thing is when spammers carry the product or any other website, and the things which are promoted will also be affected and considered as something that is not qualified as marketed by spammers.

Google lowers the site rank that directs links on low quality sites. The more spam you have, the relevance of your content will be decrease. This has led to the degradation of rank. Sites that contain spam links, the visibility will also decline. Thus, if your website receives excessive junk links, your blog is in danger. Hundreds of links, either on dofollow or nofollow blog, will remain dangerous because it is not good and reasonable for search engine and visitors.

Bloggers are not only responsible for their own blogs, but also to the whole world of the blogosphere. If a blog allows spam comments, it means that the owner gives permission for spammers to do whatever they like on the blog. A new blogger can also be misguided and follow what spammers have done because they consider it reasonable. It would really destroy the blogosphere where bloggers should discuss, socialize, and share inspiration with others. You can imagine how many blogs dead every day if there are a lot of spam attacks.

Dealing with spam comment

You can use the comment moderation feature before it can be published as well as change some settings to avoid anonymity. This method is quite effective because you could be able to filter out and answer all comments. Here are some ways that can be done to avoid spam comments:

Do not allow anonymous comments

Use automated captcha to avoid spam that is most often occurs in several blog with WordPress platform

Use anti-spam module to protect your comment box

Enable moderation so that you can determine which comments will be appeared

Remove any spam comment

Comments can be a good source of information for readers and visitors. The content that is relevant and useful should not be stuffed with junk keywords and links. Therefore, as a suggestion, you should review your blog’s comments feature for the good development of your web. Delivering and sharing comments with ethics is better than promoting in a spam way.

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