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How to Maintain Dummy Blog


How to Maintain Dummy Blog

Dummy Blog is an important part in SEO optimization to lift our main blog SERP. As off page SEO, dummy blog will provide and improve the quality of the main blog backlink according to keywords that we are targeting. What is the dummy blog? Dummy blog is a main blog help. Dummy blog was created with the purpose of helping our main blog so its position is stronger on search engines, especially Google. With a dummy blog we are free to make a link on the article because this dummy blog is ours. It is different when we put the link in the comments or forums or blog, there are certainly other rules.

The difference between regular blog and dummy blog

Actually there is no significant difference between regular blog and dummy blog. Especially the visitors would also be difficult to distinguish whether it was a dummy blog or not. The difference is only about the quality of the blog, if usually a dummy blog was created using copy and paste techniques while the main blog content using the original from the author himself. The current Google’s algorithm is more advanced and assumes the blog containing copy paste as less quality so that we would be better to create original content for dummy blog that we manage to avoid deletion of the blog by Google.

The benefits of dummy blog

There are a variety purposes and benefits of dummy blog, but usually is to add to the main blog backlink. Hence, there are also making use of a dummy blog for online businesses such as Pay Per Click, to put ad banner, to seek business referrals, and even some are using a dummy blog for promotional services and products.

Creating a dummy blog it is like making a regular blog, can be a free or paid. Since it is just a helping blog, it is recommended that you select the theme that is light and simple. More and more dummy blog that we have, the greater chance we get to help the main blog. The bloggers usually make dummy blog with web 2.0 as follows:

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Try to make dummy blog with different IP address with the main blog. For example, if the primary blog using a WordPress, then you select Blogspot for dummy blog. If primary blog uses English then the dummy blog content should be written in English too. It will be great if you have dummy bog whose topic is correspond with main blog. Dummy blog also needs a good backlink. Do not lead main blog (give a link) to a dummy blog, otherwise all the dummy blogs lead to the main blog and a dummy blog has a direct link with the other dummy blog, not reciprocity.

Try not to direct a lot of posts in one day. Create distance so as not to be detected spam blog and do not forget to always include links to your main blog. You could post one article a day from each blog or you may update it at least once per three day. So suppose you last had made 10 dummy blog then you should prepare 10 articles for each blog in a day. However this only as an example only, once again select the appropriate number of dummy blog according to your ability and do not forget to put a link in the main navigation of the blog dummy.

Maximizing the dummy blog

Although a dummy blog is often said as a shadow blog, the power of blog dummy is worth to note. A lot of bloggers create a dummy blog as SEO support for the main blog, and then make dummy blog just for search engines, so as to make the article messy with very bad sentences. They think the article is only read by the search engines which are not human being. They just think about the link building. This is a great loss.

A dummy blog is like any other blog which needs to be managed well. If we make a dummy blog like main blog, with unique content, then there will be many visits and get a high page rank of Google or Alexa rank. Believe it or not, 10 dummy blogs with high rank will make the main blog has page rank minimum 5.

On the other hand, if the dummy blog goes well, many people do not know the status of the blog is simply a dummy blog and we can get make money by placing ads, PPC, paid review, or sell the blog. Many famous sites mainly business sites create a dummy blog. Create and manage a dummy blog seriously and patiently. Indeed in learning SEO techniques we have to be patient and thorough.

Maintain dummy blog

Dummy blog also needs to be treated just like the main blog, once you think has made quite a lot of backlinks in a dummy blog. The way is by submitting the dummy blog to a web or a site directory that can at least add backlink for blog dummy. In addition to the dummy blog used to add backlink it also must be kept so that it is not detected as spam.

A dummy blog is considered spam because it is just a blog containing a lot of links and articles that are not original. Google sees these kind of websites do not provide benefits to the readers because too many outbound links. Google tends to put a dummy blog that is not qualified on a less good position because its owners did not fill the blog with good articles like the main blog. So it could be inferred that if we do not treat dummy blog such a main blog, link building method that we run to support the main blog will fail.

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