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List of the Best Web 2.0 in Practicing Link Wheel SEO Technique


List of the Best Web 2.0 in Practicing Link Wheel SEO Technique

List of the Best Web 2.0 in Practicing Link Wheel SEO Technique

Many SEO masters do various ways to achieve a high rank in search engines, especially Google. They try to place their site in the first page of SERP. We have already known two main techniques; they are on page and off page. On page technique may be done by creating a high value content for the readers. The off page one is more complicated because t involves other sites to be successfully conducted. They are building qualified technique, maximizing social networking, submitting our link to social book marking site, and being a guest writer.

Have you ever perform link wheel with web 2.0? It is commonly used to create a free blog and to build backlinks. For a practitioner of SEO, Web 2.0 is utilized to build a network among their blogs. It means that the webs 2.0 act as dummy blog to put a lot of backlinks that lead to our main site.

To gain qualified backlinks in link wheel SEO technique is simple. You must register to the number of webs 2.0 to create the new blog then follow these steps:

Provide five new blogs by using webs 2.0

Create a post for each blog and do not forget to ping them.

Insert 3 links. They are link to your main site, link with different keywords, and link to another web 2.0.

Improve the visibility of your articles by registering them to social bookmarking sites.

There are many webs 2.0 that you can use as a dummy web easily for free. Some of the best webs to improve off page SEO are as follows:

There are many patterns of link wheel that you can develop. In order to build more varied and qualified link, you have to connect each of them uninterruptedly with your creativity. The more complex pattern you form, then the better result you will get. In every dummy web, you can also do the same on page optimization such as in your main site. For several people, manage many websites are indeed quite difficult but if you can do it well, then the off page SEO techniques that you run will be more success.

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