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Revive Your Old Post as Traffic Booster

Revive Your Old Post as Traffic Booster

Revive Your Old Post as Traffic Booster

On a blog, there is a wide range of articles. Maybe at the first time you build a blog, you have not gotten a good knowledge on how to optimize SEO so you leave it well enough alone. Now when you have the ability to practice SEO strategies, you might think to reshow an old article that has sunk due to the existence of a new article. Something old is often forgotten but do you know that the old post can be a source of traffic for a blog though most bloggers rely more on a new post?

Have your old blog posts been stacked and dusty in your archives? This is a very common problem faced by many bloggers who have maintained a site for a long time. No matter how much effort you did, at the end, every post will be buried into your archives and sometimes if this post does not show up in search engine results, then the content will eventually be overlooked. Thus, all of your hard work will be wasted. If only you could bring up the old post back to get more benefits, why you do not do it?

With a little bit of SEO tricks and some other way, you can relive your old post. Here are some things you can do with your old posts to increase website traffic:

  • Link to old post
  • Update the old post
  • Utilize the sidebar and widgets
  • Make source page
  • Promote it on social media
  • Link to newsletter post

Link to old post

The first and foremost way is by creating links to your old posts that relate to what you are discussing on your current post. Many professional bloggers have run these tactics to make the old post visited by many readers. This is not only a good SEO practice, but also gives exposure to your old posts. Without this interlinking, your old posts will only be post that stands on its own and will be easily set apart.

Interlinking also makes the visitor involved in your website. If there are visitors who read your post and he found something interesting on the link you created, he might visit that link too. Then the traffic will flow seamlessly into your blog. Interlinking also point out to people that you have a lot of other content on your web site. Sometimes readers need complete information about a topic so that the existence of this interlinking will make them visit each link you provide. For the readers, this way is also more effective than they have to browse the contents of your blog one by one.

Update the old post

Another good way to keep your old posts alive is to follow up or update of the old posts. It works just like a continuation and update of the old post with some ideas or new concepts. For example, suppose that you published a post about Google Hummingbird, launched in 2013 when it dismissed a lot of sites across the web. After almost a year, Google updates this algorithm, and then you create a new post or rather a new series on Google Hummingbird which is related to the previous year posts. When it is done then there is a possibility for your old postings related to Google Hummingbird which will be visited as well.

Utilize the sidebar and widgets

Displaying your old post on your sidebar is other tip to present it to the visitors. Most bloggers use a widget to display their most popular post, or a new one. You can do this to your old posts. Take an old post and display it on the feature. It would be effective ways to increase traffic to your website. Visitors who like your blog will probably soon check out from your post that is not visible because it has been already too old. The visitors will just welcome the new content. People rarely visit to your old posts manually. So it is your duty to show them.

Make source page

A resource page is a sort of recommendation page, where you makes a list of all the post and connect someone who needs particular information. For example, the source page for Blogspot beginners would include things like how to start Blogspot or a guide to make a blog. You can include links of the articles to the newer articles which discuss plug in installation guide or recommended themes for Blogspot. In short, connect everything related to Blogspot.

The source page gives you an excellent opportunity for visitors to open your old posts. You could write some new posts and create a new resource page where you can add your old posts too. Then, you can ask people to visit this page for a guide and other things. If it is a Blogspot page, you may write something like ‘if you need help about Blogspot, visit this page for a complete guide to blogspot and so on.

Promote it on social media

Social media is a great place to revive your old posts. Frankly, no one generously will visit all the posts that you have created even though; they have become your followers from the beginning. It is something impossible. So with social media you can deploy your old post again by sharing it one by one. By conducting that way, you will not only increase traffic to your website but also seem that as if you are publishing a post more than usual.

Link to newsletter post

In addition to social media, you can also inform your readers about your old posts through newsletters, if you provide that facility. We recommend you to do so if possible. If a person has agreed to receive newsletters from you on a regular basis, it is very likely that they are also interested in the content they never find on the home page of your blog. If you follow all the steps above, then there is no need to worry about your old posts which start rusting.

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