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SEO Strategy: How to Check Competitor’s Backlink

SEO Strategy: How to Check Competitor’s Backlink


SEO Strategy: How to Check Competitor’s Backlink

In conducting SEO, backlinks is one of the most frequently mentioned terms. You may be curious why we have to get more backlinks to get a better SERP position. It is link that points to our blogs. We can get backlink in our own blog or in other’s blog. If we have many backlinks, we are certainly going to increase the amount of traffic of our blog. Do not forget that we have to build qualified backlink.

We can get a high qualified backlink from blogs that have a high pagerank. They are usually very lively blog with many visitors so that if they see the link of our blog, the chance to get more clicks for our blog is greater. This of course will be beneficial for us because the number of visits on our blog will increase gradually. Once we get some visitors then we can maintain them by posting content that is interesting and unique. This is why SEO trick cannot be separated from how to get a backlink.

We can figure out the SEO strategy that is used by a blog by just knowing where the blog owner builds backlinks. To find out which backlinks are owned by our competitors, we can use some of the free services available on the internet. The purpose of this review is to determine the source of the traffic of the site.

By knowing this information, we can follow the steps to maximize SEO from the backlinks that were applied by the web. One of backlink checking service providers is We can simply use it by:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the URL of the blog you want to check.
  3. Click ‘Check Backlinks’ .
  4. The information about backlinks of the website will appear.

The results that you will get are a quality and quantity of backlinks, anchor text, nofollow flag, and outbound links. Although the site provides free service, it has a very good accuracy. Putting a backlink cannot be done in vain because not all websites will donate a good traffic on our blog. This technique is not one of the tricks of SEO which has a direct effect on increasing the number of visitors but it can be used as a reference for us to be able to maximize the effective placement of backlink in order to boost the position of the blog on the various search engines.

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