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SEO Strategy to Jack up the Number of Visitor

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SEO Strategy to Jack up the Number of Visitor

Increasing blog visitors is the desire of all bloggers. Moreover, blogs which are still new as get some difficulties in improving the visitors. The practice of on page and off page SEO needs patience so that the number of visitor can be elevated. If you are a blogger who is looking for money from a website or a blog, then you have to first prioritize the visitors on your own blog. If it is less than the maximum, then you cannot earn some money from your site. In contrast, if visitors of your blog are thousands per day, the results obtained will be very large and abundant.

The problem is how to increase the blog visitor effectively? The number of people who are interested to our blog is greatly affected by SEO on page and off page that we apply. First we will discuss on page SEO which is a kind of optimization that we can do on our blog. The followings are some of them:

  • Qualityof your blog
  • The speed of loadtime
  • Thedesign of the blog

The quality of a blog can be judged from the content presented. If there is content on the blog which is the result of copy and paste, then visitors will not fascinated to your site. If there is already a blog that takes the same theme of the article, you can keep it as long as you use different points of view and is equipped with illustrations if necessary. Load time can be shortened by using the best hosting services and install the template with the script that is not excessive. Show structures that facilitate blog readers and do not attach too many ads or widgets that make your blog look unprofessional.

If you have improved on page SEO, then it is time you step on the off page SEO strategies to increase the number of visitors. Consider some of these tips:

  • Submit a Blog to Google Webmaster tools
  • Submit Your Blog to the directory Site
  • Share article to a social network Site
  • Looking for backlink

Registering your blog to Google webmaster tools is highly recommended especially if the blog is still new, and also attach the verification code to your blog template. The objective is to help Google in recognizing your blog, so the articles of your blog will be quickly indexed and have great probability be located on the main page of the search engine. Promotion to a web directory is also required so that Internet users know that there is a new blog. When they click on your link, then the quality content plays an important role to make them linger on your blog.

The role of social network sites in bringing many visitors cannot be ignored. Many experienced bloggers share their new article via social network account they have. By conducting this way, the more people will know the updates on your blog. This content share should be done in certain time and do not too often as it may be some social network users disturbed. Embed some social media widgets on your blog so that visitors are easier to tell their friends that they have read the article on your blog.

Backlinks is the key factor in off page SEO. Try some ways to get backlinks from sites with high page rank. One way is by giving the comments on the article and attaching your blog link on the name of the commentator. Other strategy you can do is being a guest writer on a crowded site. From the above description we can conclude that to increase the number of visitors, we have to maximize on page and off page SEO simultaneously.

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