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The 6 Most Beneficial Ways to Monetizing Your Site


The 6 Most Beneficial Ways to Monetizing Your Site

The 6 Most Beneficial Ways to Monetizing Your Site

Optimization of blog has many objectives; one of them is to get income. In developed countries, the blog is one of the instruments which are ideal to be used as the main source of income. Blog optimization is still not much done by website owners in developing countries and it is seen as the only alternative source of income that complements the main occupation of the site owner. There are several ways to optimize blog to make money and become an alternative source of income for beginners.

Blogs that serve as business fields are certainly very different from blogs that are created with the aim to share information or knowledge. The commercialization of blog has a lot of aspects to be optimized. The more often the website appears in the search results, it will be the more ideal for commercializing so it is not surprising if there is a blog which is highly rated by the devotees. Blogs consists of two kinds, they are paid with domain like .com, .net, .org, or free which is provided by Blogger or WordPress. There are some methods to optimize your website or blog. They are:

  • Advertising program
  • Sell your own product
  • Sell people’s product
  • Sell your blog
  • Donation
  • Join contest

Advertising Program

We can register our blog on some advertising programs such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Review (PPR), Text Link Ad (TLA), and Pay Per Download (PPD). PPC is programs where we will be paid by the advertiser; when in our blog’s visitors do click on ads that are displayed. We often find the icon with the very seductive writings which try to grab our intention so that we press the click button and the blog owners get the money. The program is very easy to join so many website owners put up this type of ads. Websites that provide these programs include Google Adsense, SiteScout,, Chitika, and Bidvertiser.

If we can write reviews about a product or service, we can take part on PPR program. We are going to earn some money based on review we write about a product offered by advertisers. Advertisers will see whether our blog suits to the type of product that will be offered. For example, if the advertisers want to market a smart phone, they will certainly look for blogs that focus on gadgets. But they will also look at the quality of our blog via the page rank and Alexa. Websites that provide these programs include and

TLA is a program that requires us to put up a link to a product or website on our blog. The last advertising program is PPD. We can see from its name, we will be paid by the owner of a website that provides a place to download, either paid or free. So the amount of money we get depends on how many times the files that we upload are downloaded by others. Some websites that provide this service are,, and

Sell your own product

Selling a product over the internet is very common today. A lot of entrepreneurs started selling their products via their sites because of the very low promotion costs and a very large market share which can reach foreign countries. You do not have to sell stuff that you produce by yourself if you are interested in becoming a reseller. You can simply buy some product and market it through personal or social networking website. Many resellers rely on online stores and have never had a physical store however they were able to get great profit.

Sell people’s product

On the internet, to market other people’s products could be done by being internet marketers. First we need to find a website that provides affiliate program then sign up as a member. After the registration process we take, and then we will get a promotional links that we can use to start this sales activity. For users who click on those links and buy products offered, we will get the rewards which are typically calculated a few percent of the selling price of the goods.

To be a successful online marketer, we need to do promotional activities continually. We can build a website specifically for promoting some products that come from the same manufacturer. This website could contain about reviews, how to use, guide, or tips about the product being promoted. We can also send an email containing the affiliate link to some people we know or RSS feed subscribers on our blog.

Sell your blog

We can sell blogs that we have. Of course our blog needs to have a high value, such as having a high page rank and low Alexa index. We can advertise our blog through hosting service such as Go Daddy. A high valued blog generally has a fairly long lifespan as well as have loyal readers. Building a blog that has a high value is not simple because we have to win the competition between blogs and have great popularity.


We can get some money from the donations of people who love our blog. One of the great websites which opens donation for visitors is Wikipedia. This largest encyclopedia site could be developed into a great website due to donations from readers who gain useful information from existing articles on Wikipedia. You can also do it if you manage a website that has a lot of loyal visitors. The fund obtained is not only beneficial to develop the site but also as an alternative source of income for you.

Join contest

Many websites held a blog contest for promoting their products or website. Through the contest you can get gifts in the form of money or goods such as smart phones, notebooks, or free vacation tickets to various countries. New bloggers are usually hard to beat the SEO expert because the different skill of optimizations so you can join the contest with a prize which is not too big normally less interested by SEO expert.

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