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The Importance of Yahoo SEO

The Importance of Yahoo SEO


The Importance of Yahoo SEO

If we look at the discussion about SEO that is in the cyber world, a lot of bloggers who focus on Google search engine optimization when there are many search engines have so many users. This potential has to be maximized because we will get more advantages on various search engines. Yahoo is one of the engines that are still considered to be strong to resist the dominance of Google. If we compare both of them, there are many similarities because they are not only search engines but also provide mail services which are still used directly until now.

Yahoo’s Algorithm

SEO has always been associated with algorithms that are owned by a search engine. By understanding how it works, we are able to choose best strategy to win the top position on SERP. Yahoo algorithm is different from Google’s algorithm but differ on some points. Yahoo gives a lot of interest in taking a web directory as part of its rank consideration. Thus, every blog has to be registered on the Yahoo web directory to be indexed and viewed by information seekers. Without doing this step, then your website will not appear on the SERP and it is very detrimental to the website owner. The registration process does not need to be done per content since you only need to submit your homepage. Be careful for to often submission will cause the site is prohibited to appear on the SERP.

Name of your blog

You are advised to include targeted keywords in the name of your blog. Many site owners do not pay attention to this. If you perform optimization on Google maybe this would not be a big problem. Hence, Yahoo believes otherwise. Although the keywords in the name of the site is very important but you are not encouraged to repeat the keyword on naming as such action would be considered a spam.So if you are going to create a site with a specific niche, consider well the name corresponding to the keywords you choose.

Link popularity

Popularity of a link is very important to determine your site’s rank. If your link is recognized by many people, your site will get more clicks. There are several ways you can do to make your link more commonly known; they are:

  • Post your link on social networking.
  • Utilize the group feature on social media to notify of updates on your blog.
  • Give comment by including a link on certain forums.
  • Be a guest writer on a website.


Keyword density is one that you should consider. Yahoo really liked the article that has a keyword density which is quite high but do not exceed 8%. If more than that, your website will not only get worse but also rank will not appear on the Yahoo and Google SERP. You can place these keywords in the URL, description, category, and title. For the selection of the right keywords you can use a keyword analyzer tool available for free.

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