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The Most Harmful Links for Your Site

The Most Harmful Links for Your Site


The Most Harmful Links for Your Site

Google is one of the most frequent search engine which launches latest version of algorithms. The old algorithm is not replaced by the new one but all of them work together to present the qualified and relevant search results to users of search engines. One of the things that often were complained by the bloggers if there is an update algorithm is a concern if their blog was hit by the newest algorithm. Black hat SEO techniques that are not detected on the old algorithm seems to start to receive the effects when there are updates made by Google.

Backlinks is one of the things that are not separated from the technique of SEO until now. This Link is a link that is placed on another blog and will drive visitors to our blog. In the absence of backlinks, it will be very difficult to get the best position in SERP. There are many techniques to get backlinks but we must choose the right way and permitted by Google. When we get it by fraudulent means, then Google will come to sanction our blogs. The Link can be categorized into two classes, namely natural links and unnatural links.

Natural links

Google considers link as one of the assessment parameters for a blog. Natural links have a sense as links obtained manually by the human capacity. So links are obtained by using automated software or machine definitely does not fall into the category of natural links. If you get a backlink by being a contributor for other website, then it is not considered as a violation of but if you got many backlinks in instant way, this will certainly cause suspicion because humans can not build backlinks that fast. Any infringement will be acted upon by Google.

To know whether a link is safe or not to our blog, we can see three aspects namely, quantity, quality, and relevance of the link. The quantity is the number of backlinks that we can get. The more the better but still there are certain limitation to the backlink which is not considered excessive by Google. Add backlinks gradually so that there is no spike in the number of backlinks too flashy since these activities are normally only performed by automatic backlink software.

Qualified backlinks can be viewed from the website where we place the backlink. If the website has a good ranking, a lot of visitors, and his authority is high, then it can be inferred that the backlinks that we get to have a good quality. Instead, get a backlink from blogs with bad ratings would not contribute to our blog because the blog is generally not visited by many people. This is the reason why many backlinks does not immediately make the position of our blog could be increased because our blog get backlinks which is not qualified.

Relevance is the last thing as the considerations for assessing a blog. A Backlink with a high level of relevance would be better. We can see if the content on a website has linkages with the theme of our backlink. If there is no relevance, then the effort will be not worth even Google begins to degrade the blog that has a lot of irrelevant backlinks.

Unnatural links

Unnatural links obtained by fraudulent means. This Link can be obtained by imposing the content to embed an irrelevant link. As a result, visitors will be directed to a page that is not expected. At first the unnatural link does not bring problems for a blog but eventually Google detects that this link would be detrimental to the visitors so that the latest algorithm was designed to get rid of the blog with overload unnatural link. The following are some of the types of links that will be detrimental to a blog:

  • Buy link
  • Link from spam comment
  • Link from malicious sites

Buy link

There are some sites that are selling links for the purpose of seeking the advantage of site owners who want to get good rankings quickly. It is considered a way of manipulating the page rank by Google. Technique of buying links will only be profitable for the owners of the blog but on the other hand does not bring benefits to users of search engines because in general the link embedded has a low level of relevance to the content of the site.

Link from spam comment

All matters relating to spam should be avoided and spam comment is not the exception. This spam comment will normally be filled with a promotional link. We can easily see the existence of spam comments. If the given comment does not relate to the content of the article then it can be ascertained that this comment is spam or if it is just some words such as ‘hello’, ‘nice article’, ‘good post’, ‘visit my blog’. This kind of comment very clearly just wanted to get a backlink instantly.

Link from malicious sites

Links coming or heading to the websites which contain the malware will also lower the ranking of your blog. Some of the sites that are harmful such as having too many pop up ads which are annoying or abusive for visitors from will be deemed by Google. So before you place a backlink, note whether site is detected as a web that violates or not. Thus, Install backlink without paying attention to the quality of the site will destroy your blog if the site get penalty from Google.

None of the man’s creation which is perfect without flaw though it was an algorithm created by Google. Algorithms that have been made by Google will be able to help get rid of spam sites and sites with low quality. But every time there are new regulations or changes, for sure there will be fraudulent means which can be done to break the rules. It would be better if you do not join the blogger who relies on trickery in reaching a high rank. The only thing you need to do at the moment is how to get natural and qualified links without cheating.

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