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The Most Profitable Off Page SEO for Product Marketing

The Most Profitable Off Page SEO for Product Marketing


The Most Profitable Off Page SEO for Product Marketing

Off page SEO is one of the SEO techniques to build a reputation for your website in the eyes of the Search Engine. Off page SEO is also defined as the quantity, quality, and relevance of links to your website. From here, we learn that to get qualified links, we not only have to be based on numbers alone but also we have to think about whether the links are still relevant to our blog link. There are so many ways that can be used to get the link, but we are advised to look for it naturally.

Web that we have can be one medium for marketing a product. This marketing technique has been already practiced by business owners to create an online store to deal with buyers from other countries and promote their products. It is not enough if not accompanied by a reliable off page SEO. Websites that are not managed properly will lose the competition of website popularity and be drowned in the SERP. Here is a marketing strategy to maximize the off page SEO:

  • Comment on other blogs
  • Join the forum
  • Become aguestwriter
  • Requesta product review
  • Cooperate with other websites
  • Spread the link on social media
  • Join the site directory
  • Create dummy blog

# Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs is one of the most common ways to get backlinks. Although this may seem very easy but you must still provide a qualified comment and not just contain a website or product promotion. To be able to give a good comment, choose a blog that discusses something that is related to your blog or in other words having a similar niche. Avoid putting a link directly because most blog owners do not like it. Comment politely and in accordance with the contents of the article.

# Join the forum

There are many communities that are built in cyberspace. If you are marketing a product that relates to a particular hobby or pleasure, you ought to join the community. Since most forums do not permit ads, you can work around this by putting your shop logo on the profile picture. If you are good at writing articles that are interesting, you can include a link of your article in the forum. By this way, you’re more likely to invite more visitors to your blog.

# Become a guest writer

Not everyone has good writing skills. Even if a person has the expertise and deep knowledge of the certain field, he is not necessarily able to write what he knew in good sentences. If you are capable to write well, do not leave it alone and be a guest writer on a blog. You can begin by offering yourself as a guest writer on the blog with the theme that you mastered. From here you will get a free opportunity to promote your blog by embedding a link at end of the article.

# Request a product review

If you are not able to write a good article, you can ask for help from other bloggers to provide a review of your product on their blog. You can do this way for free if you have a good relation with the blogger, but if not; you may have to pay some money to get them to include a link to your blog on the article they create.

# Cooperate with other websites

Cooperation makes things easier. If you find that the product you are selling has very tight competition, establish cooperation with bloggers who sell products that are still associated with the products that you sell though they are different. For example, if we want to promote event organizer, you can invite several vendors to fill your blog and vice versa. Do not forget to include backlinks on every post.

# Spread the link on social media

Social media is a site that is inhabited by many active users. If you submit your blog link in the popular social media, then the visibility of your blog will increase. More and more people will know about the product on your blog and your marketing strategy will run smoothly. Feel free to invite friends or relatives to visit your blog. Every time you create a new article, please include the link on social network account you have. You can also invite your blog readers to help promote your blog by providing facilities for social media sharing.

# Join the website directory

Website directory is a site that is used by bloggers to put a link to his blog so that it will be better known by other bloggers. It is undeniable that the new blog requires more effort to be seen by search engine users. By submitting your link to the website directories, you will get visitors from these sites. Choose a web that has a high page rank because it affects the quality of backlinks that you have.

# Create dummy blog

From all off page SEO techniques, perhaps this is the most complex method because you have to manage so many blogs in the same time. Dummy blog is a blog that we build to support the main site. So we made ​​some new blog that aims to direct the reader to the main site. Every blog created must be managed properly in order to bring maximum results. You must already know how difficult it is to manage a lot of blogs. Although it looks complicated, but this way is the safest because you do not have to deal with other bloggers when placing backlinks.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages but certainly, the more difficult method, if done in earnest, will result in profits that benefit the company. So, what you have done in business is comparable to the results to be obtained. You have to be creative to attract potential buyers. Remember that your blog is one of the many blogs are circulating on the internet. In order for your customers more loyal to the products you market, you also need to improve their quality.

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