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Tips To Avoid Spam Comment

Tips To Avoid Spam Comment


Tips To Avoid Spam Comment

In discussing the optimization of a blog, there is a term that frequently appears which is backlinks. This term refers to a link that is used to direct readers to our website. The easiest way to get backlinks is by attaching our blog link on a social bookmarking site or social media. Since the competition to occupy first place of SERP is getting tough, we should be able to get backlinks in a more varied one by commenting on other people’s websites. It may look simple but you have to pay attention to comments that you provide so that the blog owner does not report your comment as spam.

The spam reports makes blog that you promote blocked by the search engines. It is certainly very harmful especially if we have spent a lot of money to build the website. Circumspection in giving is indispensable in order to avoid losses for commentators, the owner of the blog, or the other visitors. The following are some characteristics of spam comments that you should avoid:

  • Irrelevant comments
  • Too short and general
  • Contains active links

An article was made ​​by the author with a maximum effort in order to get good feedback from readers, but there are spammers who never stop sending comments that are unrelated to the topic. This comment is usually in the form of a blog or product promotion. This kind of comment would soon be reported by the blog owner. Disappointment is definitely felt by the authors because his efforts to show high quality article is not appreciated by the readers.

Some comments which are too short usually include praise that is not desired by the blog owners. They prefer comments that include important information related to the article written. This response is also usually too general and can be found in various blogs. It seems that the spammers do not want to bother making different comments. They prefer to copy their previous comments. Such a response would be easily detected as junk.

Long and useful comments for other readers will be broken immediately if commentators embed active links. This is a clear violation for doing promotion without permission of the author. This method is also seen as less natural to the search engines so that qualified backlinks is not obtained. So there is no benefit that you will get with the comments that contain an active link. It will degrade your blog reputation. Build backlinks naturally just by using the name/URL feature.

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