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Why Google Removes Your Blog?

Why Google Removes Your Blog?


Why Google Removes Your Blog?

Lately, there are a lot of deletions done by Google blog. There is a reason behind it, one of them is Google updates the increasingly sophisticated algorithm annually so that the slightest infraction will be detected quickly. This removal step happens not only on the new blog but also old but unfortunately we sometimes do not know why a blog can be removed. What’s going on? In the end, a lot of bloggers chose to let the blog that’s been built painstakingly, deleted by Google.

When we will create a blog on a platform, we will be asked to fill out a bio and all the requirements that must be met so that we can get a blog. One condition is agreeing to all the terms of service that exists on the hosting providers as well as Google. If we violate the agreed conditions then we will get a penalty in the form of removal of the blog. Although not all the punishment in the form of deletion, but if we do, then the weight of the offense would be very possible if our blog will be affected. The following are some of the reasons why Google remove a blog:

  • Affiliate marketing by placing inappropriate way
  • Blog put ads that contain adult content
  • Blog with low quality due to the use of the script
  • Blog with content promoting software pirating ways
  • Blog with copyright infringement
  • Blog with mixed content
  • Blog that provides illegal download services

Inappropriate Affiliate marketing

Affiliate business is promising great benefits if we can do marketing properly. A lot of people have proved that this program was quite successful and could serve as a source of income. But these promotional activities can cause hazard for blog affiliate. One of the most hated by Google is blog affiliates that build backlinks which are dofollow. Many new online marketers are not aware that they have committed this offence. So to avoid this, change the links you have into nofollow.

Adult content

Adult content such as pornography is one of the violations of Google’s terms of service. Such content may be favored by a number of people so as to provide such content, blog owners hope that his blog can be visited by many people continuously. But in fact, the blog will be blocked by Google’s algorithm. Adult content can be accessed by children easily without supervision from parents so that Google takes a step by banning the circulation of adult content arbitrarily.

Automated script

Have you ever calculated how much content or articles that you should write to your blog can keep getting visitors? A lot of new blogs are abandoned because their owners never update the blog. Some lazy bloggers prefer to use content that is automatically created with a particular script. The result is all that content has a bad quality so that the visitors do not like it. Google looked at the use of scripts to create content as a violation because the expected content is the result of human thinking and not automated script.

Promoting software pirating

Piracy is one of copyright infringement in violation of the law. Piracy is common in the internet. A lay user may also not know how to do a hijacking. The bad blogger tries to pass the way to hijack software on her blog. By the time, the more people know the tricks of pirating so that illegal activity is increasingly difficult for embattled. Google seeks to destroy all the blogs that attempt to invite the visitors to take piracy.

Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement which is most easily found is software piracy and works of art such as a song or movie. For the creator, this action will be greatly harmful because it would reduce the profit from the sale of a work of art. Gradually their creativity became low and reluctant to create new works. Google is trying to avoid this piracy action intensity as minimum as possible and one of the most powerful way is by removing blogs that contain pirated content.

Mixed content

Blog with diverse contents will probably make more visitors interested in visiting it in the future. Many bloggers prefer to mix the content of blog because they have a lot of things to be written. Google on the other hand does not want the blog. Even though the blog has a lot of positive feedback from visitors and the daily traffic is high enough, Google will still give a penalty against the blog. When your blog gets bigger, and then consider picking one topic for your blog so that you can avoid this removal.

Blogs with one topic could be realized if you have an expertise or a broad knowledge of a particular field. Take one example. If your hobby is gardening, then you can write all the things related to the plant. Content such as this is more interesting because visitors will see that you are an expert in a particular field. Google gives more points to a blog that has a high authority which creates specific content and does not mix.

Illegal download

Illegal download is almost the same as piracy and it is not allowed by Google. Download other people’s work without permission and does not pay royalties is a violation of the law and if this is the case, then the blog owners can be reported by the copyright holder. Illegal downloads have been decreased by blocking so many blogs which provide service to the visitor in getting other’s work illegally.

This offence actually can happen due to deliberate action such as blogs which contains a tutorial for pirating software or it could be because of an accident such as creating blogs with mixed content. So you don’t get stuck with black hat SEO and a variety of other violations, read carefully all the points on the term of service of Google. A lot of bloggers do not want to take the time to read this provision so that if the blog is blocked, they cannot do anything about it.

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